Tuesday, May 11, 2010

So here's a collaboration between Steph Engel and myself... except I'm doing a bad job coloring it, so Ima start ova. She decided to be bored so I told her to sketch something in my sketchbook.
Here's a piece for Tim Gough. We had to do a spread (Title page and spot illustration) for this article about guns, drugs, and money. No sex (surprisingly). I'm pretty sure 99 percent of my class (Jon Laing being the 1%) had such a rough time coming up with ideas for this project since we all thought our work would not fit. In the end (after 209384203943 sketches) me and my classmates found solutions that were unique to us and made the illustrations work. It was a good feeling for me, and I'm glad Tim pushed us to do this assignment.


  1. I think the coloring looks good.

  2. The coloring does look good, although, weirdest color choices ever XD. I like that you made the birds have super shiny anime eyes. You need to do a sketch that I can color at some point.

    And even though I already told you, I really like that bottom piece alot, especially the little smoking gun spot, and the hands.