Thursday, April 30, 2009

Our final project for Tom's class. Stamps. I had a struggle with the concept on this. I thought I had it with "Tramp Stamps", but I couldn't figure out a way to do it. After many ideas, I decided that I was not a man of deep concepts, so I just decided to throw a bunch of shit together and do something I thought was going to be fun. I'm not too happy with the type and how they dont really fit in the two top ones, which is why I'm glad I did that part digitally.

All 3 are done in acrylic on illustration board. 8 by 10.

2 out of the 4 experimentals I had due a couple of weeks ago. I was fooling around with the mediums more than thinking about the concept (although someone pointed out that the bottom one looked like disney characters when I started drawing it, so I just went off on that).

The top was a rendered pencil drawing. Then I sprayed fixitive on it to seal the lead, as well as create a rough, spotty texture on it. Then I tried to do a wipeout with oils, but didnt like it, so I just tried to get as much of it out as I could with a little linseed oil, so the green wash is from what was left of it.

The bottom is done in a similar way, but instead of pencil, I used a thin sharpie. I also used more colors.

Both are relatively small (around 8 by 10)

A couple of old digital work from freshman year. I don't quite remember what the assignment was though. I played around with the color a bit.

Another series of progress shots I took for our "Sideshow Banner" project for Tom's class. I started off with a color sketch (which I never do, but now I'm getting into the habit). This is my 2nd largest painting (around 26 by 36?) done in acrylic. It was a one week assignment which ate up my life.

Mac n Cheese

A piece I did when I had a bit of spare time. A simple fried Mac n cheese painting. I thought about it because my bestfriend's little brother loves the stuff, and I thought I'd might as well. It's all done in acrylics.

Here is the first anatomy assignment we had for the Spring semester at Uarts. We had to do a study on a famous painting and zoom into 3 areas, creating an interesting composition. My teacher told me to leave the head of Jesus (figure on the left) undone because he liked it like that.

Due to a couple of people telling me to update my blog, I decided I might as well... Here are a series of progress shots I took of my master's interpretation project for Illustration. Klimt merged with the character by Francis Bacon (umbrella guy). The under painting (1st photo up top) was acrylic, and then layered the rest in very thin oils since I was very timid about working thick.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

So very sore...

So I decided to go play volleyball last night with a good friend and his mom, since I've been dying to play and haven't for 4 months now. I was so rusty and not in shape that after the first game I didn't think I was going to make it through the night. I did so bad too haha. But it actually got much better when we started playing the men's height net. Although after the last game my arms and fingers would not let me control them anymore. I came home very sore and tired, but it was worth it. I'm planning on going once more before heading back to Philly, where there is no volleyball :(

Friday, January 9, 2009

There was really no concept to this piece whatsoever, but I wanted to overload it with pattern, so that's what I did. Acrylics. Done after the first semester of Sophomore year at Uarts.

Extra credit piece for Tom's Pictoral class Sophomore year at uarts. It was to be done over winter break but I ended up finishing it at the last day of crits. The criteria was "illustrate God as a little girl who changes her mind". Acrylics on Stratmore illustration board.
A Christmas present I decided to do before finals week. It actually turned out to be my teachers favorite piece I did and said that I should continue to do this style. The reason I did pattern was to slow myself down, which it did, quite a bit. Acrylics on illustration board. There was a concept, but I dont remember quite what it was haha. The two pieces above this one were done after.

One of the smallest pieces I've done. It was a commission for someone, and they told me they wanted a picture of "jazz", so I assumed they were talking about music. After I finished the piece I found out that "Jazz" was the name of their dog. HAHAHA. Done with acrylic paints.
Done for fun. I was working with Ellie, Nikki, and Rachel, and they wanted to make them a unicorn, an astronaut, and a mad scientist. I believe this was sharpies and watercolor.. and maybe charcoal pencil? I can't quite remember.

I wanted to take a stab at throwing paint on my canvas, so this is what came out. I enjoyed every second of it.
Phobia pieces for Tom Leonard Sophomore year at Uarts. Watercolors. The one on top was the first one I did, and I thought I'd give it another go since I finished early, and I was pleased with the second piece.

Experimental piece for Tom Leonard Sophomore year at Uarts. Cardboard, charcoal pencil, tempera paints. The one on top is a bad picture, but it is with the blue/redish lighting that I used in my presentation.

Last thing we did for Paul King's Anatomy class (1st semester) Sophomore year. I used the famous P-King-Pastel-colored-paper technique hahaha.

A failed experimental portfolio for Tom Leonard Sophomore year at Uarts. The blues are Crest Toothpaste and the tan background is Diet Coke. This is supposed to show how people are always synchronized even if they don't it.

A rushed shadowbox drawing for Tom Leonard, Sophomore year at Uarts.
Illustration of Redding Terminal for Tom Leonard, Sophomore year at Uarts. The final piece had the pig all black.

Courtney Brown. I don't remember when I did it, but I believe it was the beginning of Sophomore year at Uarts. Pencil, and then photoshopped it.

Kate Egan done the same time as the one above. Done with Pencil, probably hb-2b. I needed to practice on making faces look more like the actual person, because it's probably one of my biggest problems. That and going back and editing little things that matter.

Mixed media collage done Winter break of freshman year at Uarts. Cut paper, ripped paper, chalk pastels, charcoal pencil, string, and hot glue.

One of the last projects done for Buy Shaver freshman year at Uarts. I don't exactly remember the criteria, but I'm pretty sure it was a self-portrait of some sort.

Done for Buy Shaver freshman year at uarts. I believe this was one of the music series pieces. It did not go over too well because it doesn't really go with the music all that great.

Freshman year in Uarts. My very first photoshop illustration when I got my tablet. I'm also a fan of Spiderman haha, but working on the tablet was so fun that I stopped using traditional materials for awhile. Then I lost the pen, and I have yet to get another one. I think it was a good thing because now I'm starting to really love painting the traditional way, and I'm learning alot.

Quick sketch of a still life using the tablet. Freshman year (winter break) at uarts. I visited the hs and drew the still life that they were using.

Done freshman year at Uarts. Pointilism (not completely) using Sharpies. Props to Photobooth for the reference hahaha.

Oil painting done for Rob Matthews during my freshman painting elective at Uarts. It was very frustrating, but at least it got done.

My first ever oil painting done sophomore year of high school. Yeah it's a boring landscape (Waterloo Village). I loved the fact that you could work it on the canvas and how thick you could lay it down. I even liked the smell. The only thing I DIDN'T like was the cleanup, and the fact that once it gets on your clothes, it's over. Who wears painting clothes to hs anyway?

Cardboard piece done senior year at hs. The colors, blacks, and whites are done with chalk pastels and charcoal pencil. You can't really see but there is hot glue everywhere. Originally his hands/arms were supposed to move, but I didn't get around to doing it.

Done senior year in hs. I decided to do a drawing marathon one day of my friends. Each drawing was about 5 mins long (more or less). My teacher told me it would be cool to put them all together as one piece, so I did. It probably took longer to put it together haha. Done in chalk pastels. This is probably the biggest (longest) piece I've done so far.

Done junior year in hs. The school mascot is a marauder, and I had some free time, so I decided to draw a marauder haha. Sharpies and colored pencil.

Done Senior year in hs. Sharpie and watercolor. My teacher gave me the word "hubris" and told me to illustrate it. I had no idea how to draw the figure, especially the female figure, so the anatomy is very bad haha.