Friday, January 9, 2009

There was really no concept to this piece whatsoever, but I wanted to overload it with pattern, so that's what I did. Acrylics. Done after the first semester of Sophomore year at Uarts.

Extra credit piece for Tom's Pictoral class Sophomore year at uarts. It was to be done over winter break but I ended up finishing it at the last day of crits. The criteria was "illustrate God as a little girl who changes her mind". Acrylics on Stratmore illustration board.
A Christmas present I decided to do before finals week. It actually turned out to be my teachers favorite piece I did and said that I should continue to do this style. The reason I did pattern was to slow myself down, which it did, quite a bit. Acrylics on illustration board. There was a concept, but I dont remember quite what it was haha. The two pieces above this one were done after.

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