Thursday, April 30, 2009

Our final project for Tom's class. Stamps. I had a struggle with the concept on this. I thought I had it with "Tramp Stamps", but I couldn't figure out a way to do it. After many ideas, I decided that I was not a man of deep concepts, so I just decided to throw a bunch of shit together and do something I thought was going to be fun. I'm not too happy with the type and how they dont really fit in the two top ones, which is why I'm glad I did that part digitally.

All 3 are done in acrylic on illustration board. 8 by 10.

2 out of the 4 experimentals I had due a couple of weeks ago. I was fooling around with the mediums more than thinking about the concept (although someone pointed out that the bottom one looked like disney characters when I started drawing it, so I just went off on that).

The top was a rendered pencil drawing. Then I sprayed fixitive on it to seal the lead, as well as create a rough, spotty texture on it. Then I tried to do a wipeout with oils, but didnt like it, so I just tried to get as much of it out as I could with a little linseed oil, so the green wash is from what was left of it.

The bottom is done in a similar way, but instead of pencil, I used a thin sharpie. I also used more colors.

Both are relatively small (around 8 by 10)

A couple of old digital work from freshman year. I don't quite remember what the assignment was though. I played around with the color a bit.

Another series of progress shots I took for our "Sideshow Banner" project for Tom's class. I started off with a color sketch (which I never do, but now I'm getting into the habit). This is my 2nd largest painting (around 26 by 36?) done in acrylic. It was a one week assignment which ate up my life.

Mac n Cheese

A piece I did when I had a bit of spare time. A simple fried Mac n cheese painting. I thought about it because my bestfriend's little brother loves the stuff, and I thought I'd might as well. It's all done in acrylics.

Here is the first anatomy assignment we had for the Spring semester at Uarts. We had to do a study on a famous painting and zoom into 3 areas, creating an interesting composition. My teacher told me to leave the head of Jesus (figure on the left) undone because he liked it like that.

Due to a couple of people telling me to update my blog, I decided I might as well... Here are a series of progress shots I took of my master's interpretation project for Illustration. Klimt merged with the character by Francis Bacon (umbrella guy). The under painting (1st photo up top) was acrylic, and then layered the rest in very thin oils since I was very timid about working thick.