Thursday, May 6, 2010

First Target Market piece I did for Mark Tochett. Wizard of Oz. This was.... my third attempt for the same piece? hahahhaa... I tried painting on wood, then I tried acrylics, but apparently the best solution was.... DIGITAL!

Another Wizard of Oz piece, but for Tim O'brien. This is the first time I tried digitally collaging a bunch of drawings so that it is easier to play around with the design. I can say that I'm finally DONE with doing Wizard of Oz illustrations hahahahah. How many total is that? 3? If you count the redone ones then its 5.
This is also for Tim O'brien. The assignment was "Shadow". He's a big fan of one-word assignments that leave lots of room for open-endedness (yes I know thats not a word). He has taught me much more than I thought. After first semester I felt like I had learned nothing and just got worse in terms of picture-making, but I have been beginning to realize how much of what he has taught is seeping into the way I think about a piece. It's really odd, yet exciting.

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  1. wow, dude, that one is oolllllddddd. its crazy to see that and then see what you're doing now. a lot of improvement definitely.