Thursday, May 6, 2010

On the left: My final Target Market Illustration for Mark Tochett. It's the Tin Man from Wizard of Oz! Why are there 50 bazillion wolves about to get chopped by his 4 axes? Cuz thats what happened in the original! At least, the one I read.
On the right: Tarzan for Tim O'brien. I really like how everything came out, EXCEPT Tarzan. I wish I could just take him out and put "TARZAN" in big hand-done type right above the elephant. Can you find the little birdie?

I posted these two together for a reason (besides the fact that they are on the same page because I set it up that way to print); they are a deviation (did I use that word correctly?) from my usual color-scheme, which is blue.. and.... blue.... and more blue.... as seen below VV
Here is an in-class assignment we had to do for Mark Tochett. We had been given several assignments to choose from and illustrate, so I picked the one about unhealthy relationships. It was funny how this project probably took the least time for me to do, yet Mark said it was probably the strongest piece I did for him all year.

So today was quite the day... I sure hope the rest of the week is the same.


  1. this blue piece is really awesome.

  2. i agree with mark and collie... bout time you updated... dick...

  3. hahahhahahaha.

    thanks fools