Sunday, October 16, 2011


Drew a face, drew a brain, then I came up with an idea... talk about working backwards.

"Savant-like skills may be latent in everyone and have been stimulated in people by directing low-frequency magnetic pulses into the brain's left hemisphere, which is thought to deactivate this dominant region (in at least 90% of right-handed people) and allow the less dominant right hemisphere to take over, allowing for processing of savant-like tasks"-wikipedia!


  1. wow i love this! one of my favourite IFs so far :)

  2. Eh, I do that a lot-draw something and THEN justify it, just in case someone asks me to explain it. Sometimes you just gotta DRAW, y'know? It doesn't ALWAYS have to meeeean something.

  3. Brilliant idea! This is great :)