Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ill Fri- Artificial

Been awhile since I've posted anything new. This was due to the children's book that I'm currently illustrating.

I guess it was about time I tried making something for myself again. This week's word was pretty hard for me, or at least... I made it hard for me hahaha. I was thinking about how music was something that was created by man, so I attempted to illustrate some guy who has been waiting for his someone or something (which is why I put a watch there) and I guess it/they never show up. I don't really know why I put a trumpet-rose on his hand, but I guess that was my way of incorporating the word into the piece... It is not a well thought-out piece since I kind of rushed it.


  1. Rushed or not, it's really really beautiful. I love his face, and the muted colors and delicate shadings.

  2. I agree, beautiful piece! I love the linework and color choices.